Bieke Foundation was created in January 2012, initially to help Bieke Ruiz Santos’s family, to cope with everything possible related to Bieke’s cancer predicament and its consequences. Since Bieke who was a ten (10) year old girl from Cidra, P.R. when diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her pelvis with metastases to her lungs, unfortunately passed away on August 29, 2012, Bieke Foundation has been helping other families with monetary and non-monetary contributions, such as; Ipods, Tablets, and Internet Service in the Pediatric Oncology ward of HIMA San Pablo Hospital in Caguas, P.R, where Bieke was hospitalized.

Bieke Foundation is committed to continue helping other families with children having cancer, as it has done heretofore, with the quantity of aid that its resources may allow depending upon the contributions received. Bieke Foundation expects to give up to 100 percent of the contributions received. In terms of its fund raising activities, Bieke Foundation expects to give no less than 50% of its revenues in aid to families with children having cancer and is committed to maintain its administrative and fund raising activities costs to no more than 50%.


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